Party Bag Fillers

Finding Quality party bag fillers for your little ones is not an easy task. How many times have your little treasures been invited to a party to be given a party bag with party bag fillers which fails to make the journey home.

Quality Party bag Fillers

As a mum, I was more than a little tired of the quality of party bags and party bag fillers on the market and when it was my two boy’s turn to host a party I really struggled to get good party bag fillers at a reasonable price. I spent a time looking in the usal suspects (supermarkets, online, locally) however a lot ofthe pocket money toys and party bag fillers were not great – most being flimsy affairs that were not robust.

Back when I was young…

A long time ago in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away I remember the magic that was felt when my imagination was captured and I knew that there was room to make a difference to the world of party bag fillers:

Imaginel hoding a real dinorsaur tooth, fairy dust, or a real shooting star – to me that’s what I wanted to give as party bag gifts. With that as my mission I set about finding the best party bag fillers in the universe. Roll, up Roll up one and all and let’s cut the junk out of party bags fillers.  Our kids only have so many birthdays,so let’s make them magical.

Best party bag fillers in the universe?

While the journey is not complete, I am on my way and as far as party bag fillers go I believe I have dug out some real gems. From filled pary bags to party bag fillers areas which I have concentrated on are quality and each party bag filler is something that I have personally selected and is warm to my heart.

Party bag fillers for everyone?

So are these party bag fillers for you – take a look and let me know your thoughts – all conctructive somments greatfully received